About NLEF

The New London Education Foundation (NLEF) was established to support the New London Public Schools (NLPS) through increased student-achievement initiatives, cultural awareness, professional development for faculty and staff, and comprehensive school improvement. In this role, the Foundation will perform many important functions for the NLPS. Its mission is to :

  • Provide the NLPS with financial support through fundraising, and to increase the Endowment fund, which will enable the NLPS to enhance its services to students, parents, and faculty and staff, and
  • To directly assist students, supplement educational opportunities, and increase the availability of monetary support for various student, parent and employee-based learning activities, and
  • To promote community awareness of and support for the NLPS through a myriad of related functions and activities.

The NLEF will also serve as a conduit through which scholarship funds can be established to assist students in the New London Public Schools in the advancement of their education.